Episode 120: Interview with Foster Dad Flipper – Peter Mutabazi 

June 13, 2021

In the final episode of the season Jihae has a deep, insightful, and powerful conversation with Peter Mutabazi – the Foster Dad Flipper. Peter is a single fostering dad who is an advocate for children. He is incredibly active and terrific on social media and shows us all how much joy he has in his life from being a single dad. His YouTube channel and IG feed are especially active and educational. We can’t wait for you to hear from Peter and hear his passion and commitment to fostering children.


1:19 – Finding Joy In This Season

1:39 – DECLUTTER!!!!

3:14 – Chris’s Beautiful (Sometimes) Yard

7:59 – Reminder: Please Donate to Foster Care Initiative

9:46 – Chick-Fil-A!!!!

10:36 – Introducing Peter Mutabazi – Foster Dad Flipper

23:35 – How Peter Decided to Become a Foster Parent

37:16 – What Have Been The Challenges As An Adopted Dad?

40:42 – Now You Are Known

51:15 – What Is Bringing You Joy?


From Episode 119 – Foster Care Initiatives

Please consider donating by the end of July!

Peter’s Website – Now I Am Known

Peter on YouTube

Peter, Foster Dad Flipper, on IG

Fostering Voices on IG

Check out this episode!’

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Episode 120: Interview with Foster Dad Flipper – Peter Mutabazi 


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