Episode 12: Most iFAQ

April 21, 2018

Some questions:

I put out a question on my Instagram Stories asking what questions people had about foster care, or adoption, or about us, or our family. Here are the questions that I got:

-“I have a question… how do you have such a big brain and such a hot bod at the same time? I always heard God blesses people with one or the other to keep the world balanced.. but dang girl, you smart AND fly.” – Chris Watson

-“How many miles are in 10 cups?” -Drew Lott

Chris is on this episode with me, and we answered the more serious of those two questions on the podcast. And the answer is 5.676 x 10 to the negative 13th power.

We did admittedly get a few more questions after we recorded, and so we will get to those on another episode. No wait, two of the three were about dinner plans, and one was a question we will get to on another episode!

So then we answered some questions from a random question generator, which officially makes this episode full of the Most Infrequently Asked Questions.

Some random things we talk about in this episode:

  • VHS-C tapes are the little tapes that go inside Camcorders. I know you were dying to know that. And now you know. And you can order some on Amazon, of course.
  • Sky Dive Arizona, that’s where I got the Groupon from that almost literally killed my husband. And the deal is still around! You can buy it here. BUT DON’T. Chris truly almost died. Or could have. Same thing.
  • Still looking for that saying… Something about the blind, or sinner, leading others to find water…

(Good) Word of the Day:

“Here is a trustworthy saying that deserves full acceptance: Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners – of whom I am the worst.” 1 Timothy 1:15

We love this verse because it keeps us humble. Jesus Christ came for us all. He died for us all. He died for us when we were sinner, and we are sinners still. And I am the worst of them all. This is freeing, to know we are loved, and to know we can love others because they are in the same boat as us.

We hope that people don’t regard us as having achieved something special (besides a license), in order to foster. We are just two regular people who are doing our best to bring hope and joy to those around us. This is our goal in all things.

Thanks as always for tuning in. We are SO thankful for you all. If you ever do have any questions, find us on Instagram at Fostering Voices, or on Facebook, or you can even e-mail me at jihaewatson@gmail.com . Super professional, I know. And, if you are ever looking for info on how to get started on your fostering or adoption journey, you can always look here.

Have a great week, filled with joy and hope and good food and good company, and we will see you again next week!


Episode 12: Most iFAQ


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