empty promises. from me. not Jesus

November 15, 2012

its been two weeks since i said i was going to post about my husband, and then halloween happened (seperate post), and then chris and i went to a parenting conference (should do a post on that…) and then mia turned ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (seriously gigantic seperate post), and then today happened. nothing crazy. but just something i want to remember. and since it requires no pictures to be uploaded, i will just tell you about today instead of all the other stuff i will hopefully get around to blogging about.

so today the internet guy was supposed to come between 1-3. of course, i pick lily up at 1:05 and her school is 2 minutes away from our house. surely the internet guy wasn’t going to come at 1. right? right?!?! wrong. i was at lily’s school at 12:50, in hopes of being the first mom in line- i was the second. and at 12:53 i get a call from the internet guy saying he was about ten minutes away. i told him we should be home by then- which was a LIE cause there was no way i was going to be home at 1:03- unless i wanted to get home without a lily. so i started praying. a retarded prayer that didn’t warrant any attention from the Lord who has so much more important things to deal with. but i prayed nonetheless. i prayed for the internet guy to get stopped at every red light possible, or to realize he had a thirst that needed to be quenched immediately at a local nordstrom’s cafe- a mere 10-15 miles from my house.

i sat and waited impatiently for lily’s class to come out, and when they did- it was 1:05. dang them for being punctual and not early! and then the car in front of me handed lily’s teacher a sack, and had a conversation! WHAT!?!?!? it is a serious offence to talk to the teacher while she is ushering kids into their cars. and i was seeing the rule break for the first time on a day when i needed no words to be spoken and for me to be able to be in two places at the same time a la ‘walk to remember’.

lily finally got in the car after i had lost about a liter of sweat through my arm pits. i raced home and i was stuck behind a van. it was the internet guy! he parked in front of my house about 2 seconds before i pulled into my driveway. the kids went into the house and i went to greet this seriously tardy internet guy. at this point it was 1:12. where the players dwell (that’s the name of an R&B band and from one of their songs…don’t worry about it… i digress) i told him how thankful i was for our sunchronized timing and i mentioned that i had prayed for this to happen. he didn’t pay too much attention to my babbling, but mentioned that his GPS sent him to the wrong place.

moral of the story: Jesus can and will mess with your electronics when He wants to. technology has nothing on my Jesus.

so i shared this story with my high school small group girls, and i shared it with my kids, cause it’s important for us to see Jesus at work around us. and i am not very good at sharing my faith with my kids, but i am trying. and one day i will print my blog into a book for my kids to have, and i want them to remember this story (cause they were not paying attention when i was telling them about it today. kids!..)



empty promises. from me. not Jesus


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