Emma Sunah Malloy

May 11, 2010

here is my newest little niece, emma sun ah malloy. she was born on Thursday May 6, weighing a very modest 7 lbs and 7 oz, and was 20 inches long (babies grow so fast- it’s been 4 days, she may have already grown another 1/4 inch!) at birth.

the birthing process was pretty much a walkin the park for my sister. she went to the hospital to get induced at 6:30am, and at about 2pm, emma came along. my lovely niece is alreaedy showing her strong-headedness (just like her mama! and her cousin lily, and her halabuhji, and… i guess it runs in our family…) because she was 3 days late in coming out, even though my sister was walking around for over a week being 3-4 cm dilated. but as i kept telling my sister as she grew impatient day after day- they are more manageable when they are in the womb than when they are out. and i spoke truth cause my sister did not get one 2-hour stint of sleep the other night ago. i do not miss that folks…

so everything is going pretty well. james’ ‘paternity leave’ is already up so he is back to his job, which means he is only home on the weekends. this pretty much makes my sister the most incredible mom in the world. fortunately we have cousins and aunts in seoul who are all skilled cooks, and sungu-entertainers.

sungu seems to be doing pretty well with the new addition. he has even been able to hold lilttle emma a few times, but he has a bit of a cough so my sister has had to limit their interactions, which jeehon feels bad about, cause obviously she wants them to be able to bond as well. my sister told me the saddest/sweetest story about my crazy nephew sungu yesterday when i spoke with her for mother’s day. she said james went into sungu’s room to check on him, and he had pulled up one of his little chairs to his dresser and was standing on said chair, with his arms folded underneath his chubby little face, and he was just staring at a picture of himself with his dad. just the two of them. the good ol’ days… isn’t that funny/sad???? oh kids. gotta love em. and i love me some emma already, even though i have not been able to meet her yet, but i am already longing for the day when our paths should happen to cross.



Emma Sunah Malloy


  1. Yay!! Congrats Auntie Jihae (and of course to Jeehon, James, and Sungu too)! She's beautiful!

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