Easter Funtimes

April 7, 2010

we watsons had another wonderful easter together. we missed having chris’ dad and step-mom with us, but it’s tax season. it couldn’t be helped. (chris’ dad is an accountant. in case that previous sentence didn’t make sense.)actually, chris’ sister, and her kids didn’t make it either. unfortunately. but the rest of us had a wonderful time, eating, chilling, looking for eggs, and making sure the kids didn’t go jumping over the fence and into the pool with their new sugar-induced powers.
chris’ mom is the brains and arms and legs behind our family easter celebration. we met at her house, as we did last year, and she and jerry do a bbq style dinner, while the kids and other family members bring side dishes. altogether, ‘we’ was composed of grandma and grandpa, chris’ superaunt susie, supercousin katie, her awesome hubby joey, and their beauty of a daughter brooklyn, who is lily’s bff by the way (they are a year and 3 months apart), chris’ two bros and their fams, and our awesome friends, jeff and mary beth (who i consider to be an older, wiser sister) and their two beautiful girls.
anyway, barb is crazy and awesome, cause she puts together an easter basket for all the little kids. even the babies. 8 altogether. and then she sets up the eggs for the easter egg hunt. there were 7 big eggs and 7 little eggs for each kid. what’s 14 times eight? like a million. anyhoo, thanks barb for being awesome (and better at math than me). all the kids, big and small, had a great great great time.

all the pics are pretty self-explanatory. except for the one of topher who looks like he has handcuffs on his belt. he does. he is wearing his ‘sherrif’s belt that he got for his bday. he kept dropping his ‘bullets’ and people kept picking them up and telling him ‘hey topher, you dropped your bullets.’ our easter was very safe, and very well protected. hope yours was the same!



Easter Funtimes


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