easiest enchiladas

March 29, 2011

enough birthday talk. i am going to share with you the best thing since sliced bread. i found this recipe on an enchilada sauce can, so i can’t take any real credit for this. but get out your pen and paper and get ready to take some serious notes cause this is an instant classic . are you ready?

buy some frozen burritos. put them in a baking dish. pour enchilada sauce on it. put it in the oven for however long it says on the frozen burrito package. take out of oven. consume.





and best of all CHEAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

if you want to get fancy, then by all means- do it. add some cheese on top to melt. gotta love melty cheese. shred some lettuce, get some sour cream, salsa, chop up some green onions, throw it all on top of your enchiladas, and now you have a seriously dressed up dinner. this can be as easy or as difficult as you want it to be.

i have never been a frozen burrito fan, but drenching the thing in enchilada sauce really works. AND if you are really pressed for time- you can skip the oven and do this in the microwave- still delicious! i have tried every possible method and it is so good.

bueno appetito mi amigos!


easiest enchiladas


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