don’t tell topher

September 8, 2010

i know that being in a relationship is not the most important thing in the world. i mean a dating-relationship. being in a relationship with Jesus actually is the most important thing in the world. anyhoo, when i lived in toronto, i used to teach ‘sunday school’ to high schoolers. we still called it ‘sunday school’ but i guess it’s your modern day ‘small groups’. i actually just started leading a high school small group two weeks ago and i LOVE it!!!! i will post more about that at another time. but as i was saying, i used to hang out with these high schoolers and i would always ask them- ‘do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?’ cause cute/funny stories would always ensue. but then i realized that by my asking them that question all the time, i was putting major importance on ‘being in a relationship with the opposite sex’. and i didn’t mean to do that at all. so i stopped asking that question.

i remember that lesson even now, and it’s been about 8 years since my last ‘sunday school group’ in toronto. being a mama now, i definitely do not want lily and topher to be fixated on having boyfriends and girlfriends. ever. they can have them, when they’re like 26. but being in dating-mode is draining and consuming!

but, on a light-hearted note, topher is 2. and there is a girl i would love for him to marry. she is crazy-smart, sweet, beautiful (she has sapphire eyes!), and her mama is one of my bestest buds.

last week i went over to babysit/hang out with said girl and her precious little sister too (topher can marry her if he wants. either girl will make me happy.) so that mom could go out by herself. we had dropped lily off at school already, and i told topher that today we would be hanging out with cambry. “camby?” no topher. not marcus camby. we don’t want to hang out with that guy even if the opportunity presents itself. that thin mustache screams “child molestor!!!!!” but then i remembered that topher’s not much of an ‘enunciator’. “yes, camby’s house.”

we got to cam’s house and i didn’t want to park in their drive-way, so i pulled into it, then reversed out to park on the curb. as i was in reverse topher started freaking out- “go to camby’s house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” omg child. relax.

we got out. had a GREAT time hanging out. and then i got this gem of a pic:

two 2 year-olds smiling and looking at the camera at the same time?!?!? miracle.

anyhoo, this post is a secret from topher, cause even though i really want him to marry cambry, in about 24 years, i want him to be able to enjoy his childhood without the pressures of having to impress the ladies at every playdate.



don’t tell topher


  1. Chad says:

    You're so cute honey. Chad loves you!!!

  2. Brantonians says:

    Watsons and Harrisons…UNITE! Think of Christmas time! WooHoo!

  3. Christin says:

    Seriously how did I miss this post! What an amazing picture that you captured!! You are so sweet and our family would be honored to be connected to your for life! I love you! Thank you for being one of mine and Cambry's best friends.

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