October 14, 2011

this month has so far been over run with four-legged animals.

our friends, the vogts, went on the disney cruise last week, so we had the pleasure of watching their gigantic english mastiff, mally. if you’ve been a reader for a while, you know that mally actually used to be our dog. so we really couldn’t say no when they asked us to watch her. the kids were happy to have her here. so was chris. pug was so happy he peed all over the living room, again. and as for me… whatev. dogs are not my favorite things in the world.

here’s a picture of lily feeding mally. mally is a big big girl. this picture does not do her girth justice:

and even though dogs are not my favorite things, you would think they were cause i actually made a halloween costume for pug. there is a fun thing that the city/town of gilbert puts on every year called Barktober. supercute. especially if you really like dogs. my kids really like dogs, and my friend lainey really likes dogs, so we go, almost every year with lainey and her two dogs. this year chris tagged along, which was awesome, as did pug.

topher really wanted pug to be a superhero, and i saw these ridiculously cute superhero costumes at Old Navy, but was not about to drop $20 on a costume for my dog, so i made a super-ghetto version of the Old Navy costume using felt. i spent less than $1 on three pieces of felt. that’s a great deal! i actually had a ton of fun making the costume, and also had a ton of fun hanging out with my friend, my family, and my crazy dog at Barktober:

the magic of felt and an old t-shirt (for the cape)


batman-topher and batman-pug

lily and lainey and grendel and griffin (who were dressed up as converse shoes. super cute!)



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