May 5, 2008

Yesterday was not good. Went out with my sister and nephew, who are now officially living with us, and came home at about 1pm. Lily fell asleep in the car as soon as we got in it. So she slept for about twenty minutes, but she seemed REALLY tired so I was convinced that she would continue sleeping once we got home. Not so much.
Put her in her crib with white blankie and all. Left the room and she started to cry. And cry and cry. She stopped after about twenty minutes. played for about ten. Cried again. Finally at 2pm I decided to cave ever so slightly (wrong move? you be the judge) and give her some milk. So I gave her a bottle and had a pep talk with her. Put her back in her crib. More crying. Two steps forward, three steps back. That’s all I could think over and over again. But what was worse was I was thinking those thoughts as the lyrics of the old Paula Abdul song where she is singing and dancing with an animated cat. Why was she singing and dancing with that cat? Sure, opposites attract, and ‘attract’ rhymes with ‘cat’, but still- unneccessary use of animated cat in dance video. So all in all, yesterday was not the best day.
Today was better. She has woken up from slumber a few times already, but there are guys doing landscaping with very loud machines outside. It startled her a couple times, but now I think she is used to it. She cried for about ten minutes when I first put her down. Then played for about twenty. Cried for another ten, and has been pretty good, besides the aformentioned little crying bouts.
Once Lily stops crying, I will stop talking about it. For now, these Napping Wars consume me.



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