Day One of Nine

July 15, 2008

Jeehon is back from Toronto! At long last. She and Sungu were back in Canada for Father’s day, Sungu’s 1st birthday, and a friend’s wedding. They were gone for three days short of a month. Now they are back which is perfect timing cause WE GOT A NEW HOUSE! Well, ‘new’ for us. If anyone out there is contemplating buying a house in this ‘short sale/foreclosure’ market I have two pieces of advice for you- 1. give yourself at least 3 months before you need to move out of your house. 2. call Jeehon! She should have her realtor’s licence in… a month or two.

Jeehon is taking the realtor’s course so that she can get licenced to sell houses. I am supposed to do the same in a few weeks. So while she is gone- I get to watch the kids. All three of them. She is doing a bit of a speed course- it’s three times a week for the next three weeks. So Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 1:00 to 10:30, Jeehon is unavailable. Tuesdays are the best cause Chris is with me all day. Thursdays are ok cause Chris is with me till 4:30, then he has class himself. Mondays suck cause I am alone the whole time.

So today was the first day and in all honesty- it wasn’t near as bad as I thought it was going to be! It definitely helped that Sungu and Lily went down for a nap right as Jeehon was leaving. Actually, so did Topher. The big kids slept for three hours! It was awesome. I started packing a little bit while they were down. Something that’s going to happen everytime those kids sleep (speaking of which- I should be packing right now too, but I am taking a well deserved break from everything!) Topher woke up from his nap first. That was perfect cause then I got to play with him and have some quality time with my little guy. I would also like to take this time to toot his little horn and say that he has been sleeping for about 8 hours straight at night. I am so proud of him!

Sungu was next to get up. By the time Lily woke up I had already changed and fed Sungu. I realized today that we don’t have much in terms of educational toys. We have lots of toys that sing and stuff, but nothing to sharpen the minds and skills of the little ones, so that is probably something Chris and I will work on getting tomorrow. Everything was fine, and I even got a little cocky for a second before bedtime. I was thinking that this really wasn’t hard at all and that I could watch three kids no problem. And then Sungu accidentally pushed Lily. Lily fell and cried, Sungu felt really bad so he started crying, and then Topher woke up and needed some loving (his binky) and so he started crying too. Amazingness. I hear that children can smell fear, so I tried to remain as calm as possible. I gave Topher his bink (he is so easy!), then I picked both Lily and Sungu up and hugged the crap outta them. We watched a little Baby Einstein before bed, said some prayers of thanks to the good Lord for getting us through the day, and I am now enjoying some peace and quiet! One down, eight to go…



Day One of Nine


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