hobey time

January 8, 2011

lots of people ask me what i do all day. a whole lot of nothing, with a whole lot of kids. ok. just three kids, and that’s only three days a week. there’s lots of snacking, playing, some napping, cleaning, cooking, more snacking, and more playing that happens in our home. oh yeah, and lots of laughing. mostly me laughing at the kids, but the kids have their fair share of chuckles too.

hobey continues to bring me immense joy when we hang out. he is walking (praise Jesus!) but he still weighs over 30 lbs and i do still pick him up quite a bit. it all works out cause i don’t go to the gym very often anymore, so hobey is my workout three times a week. one of my major highlights of the holidays was when we went over to hobey’s house for dinner one night after i hadn’t seen him for about three weeks. when he saw me he got the biggest smile on his face and i just about died. he’s so precious.

so, here’s a video of the kids playing outside this week. lily is a champion tricyclist. topher is still just getting the hang of it. i don’t have a bike for hobey to ride at the house right now, so i gave him a balloon to keep him occucpied. this actually ended up being a great work out for him. he looks like he is scalling Mt. Everest, but really, he is just overcoming a 3 inch drop from the concrete patio to the grass. i’ve watched this video a few times and just laughed cause these kids are so funny. and seriously, hobey just kills me. he’s so chubby. so sweet. so hilarious. so careful. hope you enjoy this as much as i do:

ps. who noticed that i didn’t capitalize in this post? dang it. i noticed at ‘Mt. Everest’ but by then it was too late to go back. oh well. i tried.



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