Date Night

September 15, 2008

I know that it is recommended that couples have a date night once a week, but Chris and I do not have one. We don’t even have date nights once a month. I don’t remember the last time we had a legitimate date night. Partially cause we moved, partially cause we have so many dang children, partially cause Jeehon lives with us, and partially cause Chris’ work schedule has been all over the place. Actually, it’s a miracle that we had a date night at all!

It couldn’t have happened without the help of the lovely Jennifer and Justin Watson, Chris’ brother and sister-in-law. Man, we love them! And fortunately our kids love them too. So we really needed to have as cheap a date night as possible, and how! We had a gift card to eith Chili’s, Macaroni Grill, or On the Border. I prepared myself all day for eating at On the Border (or is it Over the Border? …) because Chris is very fond of Mexican food. As am I, jst not as much as Chris. Interestingly enough, Chris prepared himself all day for eating at Macaroni Grill cause he thought for sure that I would not want Mexican. What a good hubby. Anyway, we went to On/Over/Beyond the Border, cause I wanted to make my husband happy, and cause I amped myself up to eat a chimichanga all day. Win Win.

Then we went to Dunkin Donuts where we both ordered decaf coffees at the drive-thru window. The guy said they had to brew a new pot and asked if we could wait two minutes. Business was real slow for them and there was no one behind us. And we were on a date with no kids in the back seat so all we had was time. And as we waited the guy offered us a free donut, and when my coffee came out, they also gave us a voucher for a free coffee for next time. This was the best part of the date yet!

Then we drove to our neighborhood and drank our coffees at the park near our house. I had been eyeing the monkey bars when I had gone to the park earlier that day with the kids. So I put my coffee down and went over to the 5 seemingly unthreatening bars, that used to be my favorite when I was a kid. I was always a real skinny kid. But pretty strong too. I swam a bunch, and did gymnastics for a bit, and played softball too. I know my body has changed some over the last couple years, but I am at the same weight I was in high school, and I am constantly carrying one child, and maneuvering my double stroller is a full body workout! So I got on the monkey bars and I just hung there. For about five seconds. And I could not move to save my life! Part of me fell off because I wasn’t strong enough to hold myself up any longer, and the other part of me fell off cause Chris was laughing so hard, so I couldn’t help but laugh too. Chris of course dominated the stupid bars. And then he made me try again. After numerous embarrassing attempts I finally moved two more rungs up. Didn’t finish the course though. Oh well. I told you I had issues with finishing what I start. Anyway, that was probably the worst, though funniest part of our date.

We ended the night with ‘The Music Man’ musical which Chris had borrowed from his friend Jeff (did I tell you this was a cheap date or what?) Of course with the lights off I started to fall asleep much to Chris’ chagrin. He really wanted me to fully experience the wonderment that was this musical. So I got up, got some laundry and started folding it. Then Chris sat next to me and helped. Could this date get any better?!?! Yes it could. Chris started falling asleep about fifteen minutes later and so we both called it a night. Oh wonderful, glorious sleep! And that was my awesome date with my awesome husband.



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