crazy hair days. fun for everyone

September 18, 2010

i really really really should finish up packing (aka throwing the leftover stuff that hasn’t been put in boxes yet into trash bags and declutter my life!)
but i really wanted to write this post before we put the computer away tomorrow.

this month at lily’s preschool is ‘color circus’. the kids dress up in a certain color everyday. then on tueday they also added an extra element of fun- crazy hair. lily’s back to her old habit of undoing my hair-dos while she sits in the car, which a little bit drives me nuts, but she’s 3. what can you do? and actually, the day before crazy hair day, we were just running around town and she pulled out her hair elastics while i was driving, and she said: “look at me mom! i pulled out my hair fings!” (“fings”=”things”) i was not happy to see all of my hard work of brushing, then parting, then elasticizing her hair go to waste. i asked her why she did thaet in my not happy voice. i realized it wasn’t a big deal and i felt bad for using my not happy voice. but of course, i was made to feel a million times worse when lily looked up at me and said: “i’m sorry. do you forgive me?”
sucky mother moment.

anyway, this is supposed to be a post about crazy hair, not crazy mom.

so here is a pic of lily- while we are still at home. getting ready for school (and of course, the hair style did not make it through the car ride! which is ok! don’t sweat the small stuff.. don’t sweat the small stuff…)

when i was teaching at taht crazy school in korea 7 years ago, we had a ‘crazy hair day’ too. but ours was way more serious than this little thing at lily’s school. why? cause the people i worked with were crazy, which is why i LOVED going to work. i showed up looking kind of crazy, but when i noticed the wig one of my friends was wearing, and the awesome checker pattern another friend had shaed into his head, i decided to step it up a notch. i needed a hair cut anyway, so i started chopping off random chunks of my hair. the guys i worked with took some of my hair, taped it up, and used it for mustaches. gross. i know. but so funny. i guess you had to be there.

so here is a pic of two awesome guys i worked with, who have since turned into missionaries in africa and the middle east. what a blessing to have friends who are believers, and are also a little bit nuts:

we named the ‘little guy’ on jono’s elbow. i can’t remember his name. but his locks of love came from me!



crazy hair days. fun for everyone


  1. ha ha ha that so funny your hair is up

  2. Oh, I had forgotten about that one! Thanks for the laugh – I needed it tonight! Love you all! Janice

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