crazy chris strikes again

February 27, 2012

this has been a crazy month for my crazy chris.

two weeks ago he did this ridiculous race called the Spartan Race. it’s an 8.5 mile obstacle course filled with wall climbing, people hitting you with sticks, fire, and lots and lots of mud:

that’s chris and his buddies after the run. note to anyone who is planning on doing the Spartan Race in the future: do not wear a white shirt, unless you want it to be orange. i’m sure martha stewart could have gotten that shirt back to it’s original creamy white hue, but alas- not a subpar home-maker like myself. that shirt is now in the trash.

anyhoo, then friday morning, chris and 11 other crazy people got into 2 vans to run in the Ragnar race which is a 200 mile relay race. each runner runs a certain amount of miles, chris had to run 19 miles, which is a lot, but is even more when you are doing it with a slightly sprained/bruised ankle:

that’s one sexy cankle!

yup. my husband is getting worse with age. he has now reached a stage in his physical fitness where he can actually do these running things with minimal training. i can’t remember if i posted about chris doing the pf chang half marathon last month, but he ran that 13.1 miles like he was going for a jog around the block- it’s sickening! this ragnar race was particularly more exciting for him as part of the 11 other crazy people who ran with him were his uncle matt, cousin todd, and brother robert and sister-in-law lindsay. it was lindsay’s first official run and she did so great! way to go lindsay! i guess this craziness that chris has is in the watson blood, and you can catch it just by being married to one of them! i have a strong feeling i am immune to it, though chris is pretty convinced otherwise. we will see…



crazy chris strikes again


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