July 11, 2011

here is my beauitiful little niece holding out her hands, asking for your prayers. at her 1 year appointment, 2 months ago, the doctor noticed that sunha’s head was kind of awkwardly shaped. so they got some x-rays and the doctor saw that her skull was fused together. for the most part, baby’s heads are not supposed to fuse together til they are closer to 2 years old. needless to say, sunha’s skull needs a little breathing room, and she is going to get just that on tuesday morning at about 7:30. jeehon found a really great surgeon here, dr. moss, and he will be taking care of my sweet little niece on tuesday. i will post his info in a later post. but would you please pray for my sweet little niece sunha (her english name is emma if that is easier for you to say!) that she would have a successful surgery and VERY QUICK and as-painless-as-possible recovery. would you also please pray for my sister who is just emotional, as any mother would be, under the circumstances. she is being very strong and all that good stuff right now, and we absolutely praise Jesus that James, her hubby, has been out here since tuesday last week, and will be here for the surgery and most of the harder recovery. thank you for that Jesus! please also pray for dr. moss, and the other folks who will be fixing up little sunha. i will send updates as things progress. i really appreciate your faithful prayers and love and support in this, and all the things i blog about when i ask for prayer. we feel em! God is good. here is a video i took of sunha when i was hanging out with her (and obviously topher, who makes a lot of cameo appearances in the video) on saturday. enjoy!





  1. I am absolutely praying. Cannot wait to hear of the amazing recovery!

  2. We will be praying over here. Now I will try to figure out the time difference. Lots of love and hugs to you all!
    On a completely different note, Samuel now wants to be a police officer like Uncle Chris!

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