costco treasures

August 23, 2011

i just found two amazing things at costco that i wanted to share with you today.

but before i do, i just want to say that my son is so dang cute, and last night he said to me: “mom, pop out my friend so i can play with her!” he was talking about his little sister. so crazy. so cute. love that monster.

anyway, the first thing i found at costco, via my m-i-l Barb, is a sticker book. but it’s not just any old sticker book- it’s a learning adventure sticker book! the ones we have are ‘my little pony’ and ‘dora the explorer’. the dora one is actually a bit better than the other one, only cause there are more numbers and ‘math-type’ pages. but both of them cover simple things like seasons, completing patterns, matching shapes, etc. lots of fun! topher and lily will sit for about an hour doing the different pages. great times, especially when it’s still over 100 degrees outside!

the books are $7.99 each, and i think it’s a worthy investment. just make sure the kids don’t try to do the books by themselves, otherwise they will probably use the wrong stickers for the wrong pages and then you will just have a jumbled mess. i would not pay $8 for a book with stickers, but an educational one- yes. i will, i have, and topher finished his dora book so i am going to get him different one.

(i have also seen a superheroes book, sesame street, and i think there was a barbie one too.)

here is a page of the seasons. it’s not right-side up so i apologize for that. but this is great cause my kids, who have lived in arizona their whole lives, cannot get a grasp on the concept of seasons. they know winter is cold, but they don’t know when that actually ever happens.

here’s another page. i think it’s a page of completing patterns. so fun to watch things click in the kids’ heads!

here’s what the cover of the ‘my little pony’ book looks like. i’m not getting paid by costco to advertise these things, though i really wish i were. i would accept payment in the form of coloring books, giant bottles of salsa, or even bags of beef jerky.

the next awesome things that they have at costco right now are superhero costumes. and they are only $16. this is great since i was going to buy topher an Ironman mask at walmart for about $10 and then spend money-time-stress on making a jumpsuit of sorts for him for halloween/everyday-dress-up-funtimes. these costumes come with a mask, gloves, and a bodysuit that has built-in muscles! so awesome! topher wears his every day, even though he knows he needs to be supercareful with it so that it doesn’t rip before halloween shows up (in two months and 8 days).

they have two transformers- optimus prime and bumble bee (already bought the bumble bee one for sungu!) and then they have other superheroes like thor and spiderman, and then they had one or two other random things too. they have two sizes- 4-6 and 7-8. good luck getting the 4-6. they are selling like hotcakes!

topher showing off his abs of steel! or highly-flamable cottong stuffing stuff…

here’s topher in his Ironman alter-ego, working on his dora sticker book. he is strong in body and mind. so proud of him!



costco treasures


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