Corban Kenneth Watson

July 15, 2009

I love pictures of women on their wedding days and on their birthing days. Though two (or more) of the more stressful days of any woman’s life, I have never seen a picture of an ugly bride, or an ugly mom holding her brand new baby- no matter how rough and tough labour may have been.
Lindsay Watson is no exception to the rule! Sunday night, at 11:45 pm, my awesome sister-in-law Lindsay birthed a very healthy Corban Kenneth. He was 7 lbs 12 oz, and 20 & 1/4 inches long. He has stunning dark brown hair that naturally ‘falls’ into a faux-hawk. Very stylish. Just like his mama. (The stylish part, Lindsay has never sported a faux-hawk, nor will she ever.) The poor little guy came out with his umbilical cord wrapped around his neck, but the doctor’s immediately cut the cord, and all was well. The poor little guy has a bruised face though, which I have not seen before, but I did not hear him complain once! What a good baby. (Although the only two times he screamed at the hospital when visitors came to see him were when he was being held by his Uncle Justin. That’s just plain funny.)
Lindsay is a natural when it comes to bringing children into the world. Her labour with Gabe was quite short, but painful, as she did not have time to get an epidural. This time, she was a little more aware of what was happening, so she got to the hospital in time to get drugged up so that she could really ‘enjoy’ birthing another child.
The whole day was very special as it was the sabbath, and we all love the sabbath. And we also have family funtime at Wes’ house every Sunday afternoon for swimming, brauts, and hamburgers. Lindsay complained about her skirt being too tight about every fifteen to ten minutes. And she was pretty flushed. One thing led to another (in a matter of about 2 hours) and then she was off to the hospital. The timing was perfect since they were able to leave Gabe with his awesome grandparents who watched him till Tuesday afternoon. Kim, Chris’ super step-mom led us all in a team-huddle prayer with Lindsay, and it’s really so great to be able to pray as a family!
Chris and I went home and put the babies to bed, and then Chris and his dad went to the hospital to bring the hospital bag, play cribbage, and wait patiently for the newest little Watson. I just love our family SO MUCH! I feel like throwing up when I think about all the incredible people God has blessed me with, but especially this Watson clan that I married in to. And I love that it keeps on growing one cute little baby at a time. Jen’s next in October!
Proud Grandpa Wes with his 6th grandkid
Proud Gabe and his baby brother Corban



Corban Kenneth Watson


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