clean inside and out

October 18, 2012

today i got a free car wash at greenfield and baseline. i was over there cause i am a terrible mother and i have been waiting for mia’s diaper rash to go away (not on it’s own- i have bought 2 different diaper rash creams, used a vat of aquaphor…) and all i have to show for it is a baby with open wounds on her heinie. I KNOW! horrifying. my pediatrician says she really likes ‘bag balm’ which they use for cows with mastitis (a propos for my girl who i call moo.) but she actually prescribed this magic and random compound of some high cholesterol medicine mashed into aquaphor… strange. and don’t try it at home. i waited at walgreens for a VERY LONG TIME cause a professional was making the strange mixture…

anyway, back to the car wash. it was free. always love getting free stuff. like a lot. and to boot- they gave me a free cloth to wipe down the interior of my car whilst getting the exterior nice and sparkly! bonus! so we get into the car wash and i start wiping down the dusty dashboard. we live in arizona, therefore everything is always dusty always. which is why i don’t bother dusting. but if you give me a cloth and a moment to myself- i might just dust.

so i was happily dusting and the kids were enjoying the car wash. and all of a sudden water was pouring into my van! i had no idea what was going on as i was getting assaulted by water, soap, and those mop-like strands that were violently swishing all around. in all my dusting excitement i had accidentally pushed my window open. and every time i tried to close my window, one of the mop strands would get stuck in my window so i had to reopen my window and reclose and reopen and reclose. don’t tell anyone- but i am pretty sure i was cussing the whole time. but the kids couldn’t hear me cause the car wash is really loud. and all the louder with an open window…

so, that was my awesome day. in all honesty- my eyes kinda still sting from all the soap and water that was spraying in my face. and the one thing that i was SO THANKFUL for at the end of the ordeal is that chris wasn’t in the car with me. cause he would have just straight up died. and i love him so much that i cannot bear the thought of living without him. so i am glad he was at work and that today’s ordeal is my little secret.



clean inside and out


  1. Shannon says:

    OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! I just laughed out loud while reading this and then reread it to Greg. You crack me up. I'm so sorry you were assaulted by the mop things. They are scary. 🙂

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