clarification on: easter dresses

April 4, 2010

ok. if you read my post from an hour ago, you will be proud and happy to know that i did do the dishes, and put the clothes in the dryer, and hid all of the clothes and shoes that i know lily and topher will want to wear tomorrow, but are not permitted to. (gotta choose your battles. or make potential battles disappear altogether.)

and while i was doing the dishes, i was thinking about whether or not i offended anybody about buying dresses for easter from my post marked ‘humble pie’ or something like that.

i just need to clarify that i have a serious problem. i am a little obsessed (oxy moron!) with clothes and accessories. i love them all. quite a bit. and it’s a problem. remember i told you we took pictures with our professional photographer friend? well, for two weeks leading up to the ‘photoshoot’, i thought and thought about what lily should wear. did i want her to be playful? beauitufl? easy breezy? really dressed up? moderately dressed up? etc. and then the day of the shoot, i forgot to put in her white shirt that i bought FOR THAT DAY. ugh. and i could hear God laughing at me, and asking me if all that ‘thinking/obsessing’ was worth anything. it wasn’t. and the pictures still turned out awesome!

so anyhow, my comments about buying an easter dress, was a criticism against myself. cause it would be one thing if i thought about it, bought it, and forgot about it. but for me, it’s one obsessive thought that starts with a dress, then goes down to the shoes, and possibly matching earrings, and hopefully, just maybe even a necklace…

i think stay-at-home moms need/deserve a new easter dress every year. cause the truth of the matter is- that might be the only day of the year they have a real excuse to get dolled up! and any excuse for a mom to get dolled up, feel pretty, and show off a litle, is not a bad thing, considering what moms deal with everyday, whilst wearing sweatpants, the same pair of jeans for a week so as not to create any extra laundry, and a t-shirt. or a long-sleeve t-shirt, depending on whether it is summer or winter, here in arizona.

anyhoo, people used to get dressed up for church every sunday in their ‘sunday bests’. we have definitely moved away from that, at least at the last 3 or 4 churches i have attended. easter is a very special day. the most special day for Christians, cause it’s what makes us Christians- Jesus died on the cross for our sins, and then He rose to life three days later. we should try to offer up our ‘bests’ to God- good looking insides and outsides, cause He surely did so for us.



clarification on: easter dresses


  1. Jenny says:

    Catching up on your blog!! 🙂 Lily looked great minus her white shirt that you obsessed about! 🙂 Your blog is hilarious!! Brad's been wondering why I've been cracking up all night while reading your last 8 or so posts!! 🙂

  2. Brantonians says:

    A-to-the-MEN sista!

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