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March 25, 2012

my phenomenal little girl Lily Jaye Nara Watson turned five on monday.
lily is half way to being TEN! chris and i have been parents for half a decade! everything is happening way too fast!

we had a very crazy week this week. chris went to vegas for ‘a work thing’ (yeah right! he didn’t take any pics so i have no proof that that’s who he was with… ;). he was gone from sunday til wednesday, which means he missed lily’s actual birthday, but he was around for her two birthday parties, and that made up for his absence.

since he’s been home we have literally been partying non-stop and i am exhausted! it’s 10:50pm, and i am so tired but i am anticipating the arrival of my youngest brother who is flying in to phoenix in about an hour (fortunately chris is going to pick him up!) so this hectic week will bleed right into another fun-filled-whirlwind of a week.

but back to my lils. i know i complained about her SO MUCH after she turned one until… recently? i feel kinda bad about it cause none of that was really her fault. she was entitled to have her terrible twos, just like any other kid, but it was just so terribly inconvenient for me cause topher had just hatched. poor lily. poor topher. poor me. poor everyone. but we survived and i would say that we are now thriving. life is so wonderful, and a lot of that has to do with lily.

mia could not ask for a better older sister. lily dotes on her and is able to make mia laugh more than anyone else around here. the other day, lily was laying in bed with us, and mia was fussing in her pack and play beside my bed, and i was getting ready to take care of my baby, lily hoped out of bed, put the binky back in mia’s mouth and bought all of us an extra 30 minutes of sleep. the best 5 year old mama hands down!

lily and chris also continue to share a special and beautiful bond. tonight as they were getting ready for bed, lily looked at chris and said: “dad, i wish you had hair.” and chris asked her why. and then she said: “because you would be so handsome with hair.” after chris picked up the pieces of his broken heart off of the floor, he asked lily: “so does that mean i’m not handsome?” and lily immediately said: “you are.” so funny! but other than that very random conversation, lily is always telling chirs how much she loves him and misses him when he’s at work. if she crawls into bed with us in the middle of the night, lily always goes in on chris’ side cause she knows he won’t make her go back to her room. 😉

anyway, lily my love, we are so proud of the wonderful little lady you are growing to be! you are so active, and fun-loving, even though one of your favorite things to do is sit around eating popcorn and watching movies (which is why we watched ‘The lorax’ in the theater on your birthday!) right now you are big into disney princesses (which is why we had a little princess party for you), especially rapunzel. you are learning to read and do basic addition, which you are pretty good at! i can’t quite pinpoint if you are a rule maker or rule breaker. sometimes you are all about coloring in the lines and making sure everything is ‘the right color’, and other times you color one picture over another so that it’s hard to tell where one thing starts and the other one ends. but that’s good- you don’t want to be put in a box! i’m still trying to figure out who you are at the same time that you are trying to discover who you are and want to be. you are a wonderful piece of work miss lily jaye and mom and dad love you with all of our hearts. we could not have asked for a more wonderful first child than you!

happy fifth birthday my love. you can stop growing now. please!

lily taking a nap while sitting upright and watching a movie. her last day of being four was exhausting.

lily taking another nap! two days in a row! this hasn’t happened in at least a year. turning five is obviously very taxing.

enjoying dessert with lindsay and corban. lindsay was so sweet to make dinner on lily’s bday!

she is the ultimate Big Sister

daddy’s special girl

seriously so cute together!



cinqo in marcho


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