Christmas and Weddings

December 29, 2009

it really struck me on december 26th this year that Christmas is a lot like a wedding. spend a butt-load of money. everything involved in a wedding- dresses/tuxes, food, location, gifts, bombaniers, center pieces, flowers, etc. etc.; or presents for kids, your parents, your in-laws, your nieces and nephews, your boss, cookies for the neighbors, a million white-elephant gifts, stocking stuffers, stocking stuffers, and more stocking stuffers! have a bunch of pre-parties before the big shabang. bridal showers, bachelor/bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinner; or a million small group parties, work parties, christmas eve dinner, 50 christmas eve services at church.

3. the day comes and it’s AWESOME. family, friends, food galore! who could want anything more? but then in the grand scheme of things- it’s just ONE DAY. we prepared for this day for weeks and weeks and weeks, and dropped tons and tons of cash (even though we tried SO HARD not to!) all for one day. you have sex on your wedding night. most of the time. but sometimes, as on christmas night- you don’t have sex cause you are too tired, and you’re broke.

4. the next day you are still tired. and still broke. and you are sitting in your living room in the midst of awesome new presents and so much wrapping paper that you are pretty sure you can hear trees actually wimpering.

5. you are SO glad it’s ALL over. you are SO not looking forward to looking at your bank statement or credit card bills. but you had SO much fun and you are kinda looking forward to diong it all over again next year. (Christmas only. Weddings are too stressful to do more than once in a lifetime.)

hope you all had great Christmases. happy belated birthday Jesus!



Christmas and Weddings


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