chris in fondant

May 26, 2010

this weekend we had an intimate little shindig to commemorate my hubby’s graduation. chris has worked hard for MANY years on getting his bachelor’s degree. he graduated from high school in 1998, joined the marine corps, started doing online classes around 2001, moved to africa, then korea, then had a brief stint back in the states, then got bored with that, then moved to iraq for a year, and then got married, then became a police officer, had two kids, and managed to keep on doing online classes all the while! if that’s not incredible, i don’t know what is. we, your family (yes you chris watson) are so very very proud of you.

at the shindig, we had tons of fun, ate lots of food, and the best part was just having chris be able to relax with family and friends who he never gets to see, cause chris is a busy busy man. should be special once he starts his master’s program in the fall. (ok, he hasn’t applied, and therefore hasn’t been accepted either, but when he does, he will.)

and i finally got to make special cupcakes for my special cupcake.. (did you just throw up from the cheesiness? i have never, nor will i ever actually call chris ‘cupcake’.)

the theme of the treats was “chris watson’s to do list:” which included all the things he has achieved to this point, and the one thing he is still trying to achieve- nba player! go suns!!!!!!

my picture taking skills still have so far to go. as does my icingmanship (aka penmanship with icing)

be an awesome marine. check!
arrest bad guys. check!
graduate with a b.s. degree. check!
play in the nba. not checked yet. waiting for steve kerr’s call…


chris in fondant


  1. Can you be more creative, show off! 😉 Nice work. and nice work, Chris!!!

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