Celebration Weekend: Part 2

December 24, 2009

today i will talk about the presents and the ‘parties’ from our awesome celebration weekend. this is very fitting because tomorrow is christmas and chris and i will not be exchanging presents, so it’s good to remind myself that i got hooked up last weekend!

chris and i try to incorporate the ‘traditional anniversary gifts’ every year, but we’ve managed to screw it up every year except for the first. the first year is paper, and that went over really well. chris wrote me an awesome poem that is still sitting on our dresser. i wrote out our 525,600 minutes of married life. a good portion of my life spent writing that, which i will never get back. then for some reason i thought i read that the 2nd anniversary was supposed to be wood. so i made something for chris out of wood, and he bought me a bag of firewood with a coupon that said he would make me dinner one night and we would eat it by the fireplace. never happened people! i need to find that coupon so i can redeem it… by the way, cotton is the material for the 2nd year. then the third year gift is supposed to be leather. for some reason i am drawing a complete blank on last year’s anniversary. hopefully i blogged about it… i will investigate after this post…

this year’s thing was ‘fruits and flowers’ for the traditional gifts, and ‘appliances’ for the modren gift. we never do the modern gifts, cause they are so random. sure the traditional ones are random too, but they are the TRADTITIONAL ones. and if you look at the whole gammut of gifts-


on the traditional side, the 20th anniversary is supposed to be showered by china. (not the country) but on the modern side, year 2 is supposed to be marked by china. i don’t like it one bit. except for this year. chris got me a cute dress from target that has flowers on it, AND a bissel little green carpet cleaner!!!!! yeah! for all the pooping on the carpet that happens in this family- i really really needed this.

anyway, we had a great anniversary and birthday bash this weekend. chris and i have had four wickedly good years together, and i praise Jesus for that. and, i guess i also thank my super-relaxed and good-looking and good-natured husband for that as well. love you christobear!



Celebration Weekend: Part 2


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