Celebration Weekend: Part 1

December 23, 2009

This weekend we had Chris’ 30th birthday and our 4 year wedding anniversary. There is so much to report, so I think I will have to break it up into sections. For this portion, I will cover THE FOOD!

Saturday morning, which was the actual day of the two major events, we woke up late and dillydallied to breakfast. We originally planned on going to breakfast at about 9am, but since Chris got home from work about 5 hours before that time, I decided to let the old guy sleep in for an extra hour. We got to Liberty Market on Gilbert Rd at about 10:30ish. And that was perfect. No line up , tables available, just noisy enough where we aren’t yelling at each other to converse, but also not so quiet that I feel bad for having our kids with us.

We ordered the ‘American Standard’ which consisted of 3 eggs, potatoes, a freshly made biscuit, and bacon. The bacon was made to perfection- a little crispy, but not even close to burnt! This was 8 and a half bucks. Very reasonable. I got ‘Grilled Bread Pudding’ which was pure awesomeness. I know lots of folks who don’t love bread pudding. And because I love them so much, I have nothing bad to say about them. Lainey. Anyhoo, that was 8 bucks. I could have gotten just straight up bread pudding for 3 bucks less, but it was my anniversary and I felt like spending an extra $3 on my food touching a griddle, and coming out with syrup and a serious dusting of powdered sugar. Now, we should have stopped at that, but I wasn’t sure how big the portions would be, so I made Chris get a blueberry scone ($3.50) and an extra side of Liberty Potatoes ($3). The scone was deliciousness itself. Very flavorful, and as moist as a scone is allowed to be to still be considered a scone. The Liberty Potatoes were super too. The bill came out to about $17, with 2 coffees to boot, cause it was Chris’ bday, and Joe loves people’s birthdays. And I LOVE JOE.

We got our overstuffed bodies into the car and zipped over to Joes Real BBQ across the street. Chris walked up to the take-out window, ordered the 3 meat sampler with a side, showed his i.d, and came back to the car with a bag full of free food. Did I mention that I love JOE? This food went directly into the fridge, and made a brief, yet wonderful appearance for lunch after chuch on Sunday.

Then we went to Abuelo’s on Chandler Rd. for dinner at about 5:30pm. We were a little pressed for time since we had to be at the Suns game before 7pm, but we decided we would make the most of our dinner together. Cause we were ALONE. not in the restaurant, but without our kids. (Thanks Barb and Jerry!!!!) We ordered our food, and literally waited about 7 minutes. It was ridunculous. And somehow the food tasted fresh, cause you would think with that short a wait time that they have these plates just sitting around waiting to be ordered. Like Mc Donalds or something. I got the steak chimichanga plate, and Chris got steak and chicken fajitas. The food was yummy, the service was awesome, the ambiance was just right. We walked out of there just before 6:30, having paid about $24 for a very filling and delicious meal, complete with two soft drinks, thanks to my ‘free entree’ coupon! Abuelos es mi amore. (I think that says my grandfather is my love, but I’m not sure cause I failed Spanish in university…)

So, like I mentioned earlier, it was perfect that we had a later breakfast because we were able to get away with just eating an awesome breakfast and an amazing dinner. Obviously we missed a few great free eating hot spots, but my birthday is coming up in a month, so those restaurants will see me and my hungry family soon enough.



Celebration Weekend: Part 1


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