Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due,
    when it is in your power to act.

-Proverbs 3:27

Episode 37 is dedicated to Rodney Harrison of the New England Patriots (Reggie knew that off the top of his head), and Metta World Peace, aka Ron Artest. Random fact:  ‘Metta’ means loving kindness and friendliness towards all, and is a traditional Buddhist word. He chose this name ‘to inspire and bring youth together all […]

Episode 37: Interview with the Best DCS Worker

November 17, 2018

I am thrilled to have my licensing worker – Kelly Lewis, on the podcast with me today! A licensing worker is someone who helps you get your fostering license. Kelly has been with us for almost 4 years, and she has turned into a sweet friend who I truly cannot live without. Kelly has been […]

Episode 10: A License to Love

April 7, 2018