Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due,
    when it is in your power to act.

-Proverbs 3:27

Have you ever been under investigation as a foster family? We have! And we are here to share about it. Not the details of our investigation per se, but definitely what happened when we found out, and how it panned out. Listen to the episode to hear alllllll about it! So, we have been a […]

Episode 83: Foster Care Investigation

February 15, 2020

Interview with foster mom of 11 kids over the last 3 years

Episode 57: Interview with Foster Mom of a Flamboyance of 6

May 11, 2019

This episode is near and dear to our hearts as we have Kevin and Bekah Tinter joining us on the podcast! The Tinters are GREAT supporters of our podcast, as they listen every week, and have sponsored two $100 Amazon gift card giveaways this season! But more than that – the Tinters are the amazing […]

Episode 55: How to Lead From the Future

April 27, 2019

People often ask us questions when they are thinking about starting their foster care journey, and we love to answer them! So, when Nati and Misael Estrada asked to meet with us, we recorded the conversation so that you can hear their important questions, and our semi-important answers! Some questions that we cover in this […]

Episode 51: Real FAQs By/For New Foster Parents

March 30, 2019

Interview with Jeremy Sharp, adult adoptee, foster dad, and not- obnoxious Patriot’s fan

Episode 47: Interview with a Sharp Adoptee and Foster Dad

March 2, 2019

This week’s episode is full of goodness! We are so thankful to have our sweet friend, Grace Sharp, on the podcast with us. She is a new foster mom (3 months in!) but previously worked as a Group Home Manager.  For those who don’t know what a Group Home is, it is a house (in […]

Episode 45: Grace For Teens And The Unknown

February 15, 2019

Episode 33 is another great one, featuring an interview with the delightful and smart Maggie Zehring. But before we dive into the goodness of that interview, Chris and I got stuck in the intro about the number 33, and what it has meant to Chris in his life. We referenced Larry Bird, who was in […]

Episode 33: Interview with a Pragmatic Foster Mom

October 26, 2018

This week we have an amazing interview with Tia Thompson, an incredible woman, who has an incredible story. Or stories. There are so very many stories. But this week we are just focusing on a few of hers. But, before we jump into the interview, in the intro, we give one life hack, and that […]

Episode 29: A Lesson in Courage and Strength

September 22, 2018

Episode 25 features an interview with Rilie Norton who is truly one of the sweetest foster moms I have ever met! She may even be in the Top 10 of the Sweetest Humans I know! She is a bio mom to Ivy (9) and McCoy (3) and foster mom to two sweet kiddos (5 and […]

Episode 25: Rilie Norton, the Sweetest Foster Mom

September 11, 2018

Catelin Dreibelbis is one of our favorite people. She is a determined, self-controlled, humble, and all around incredible human being. Her journey started when her mom dropped her off as a 2 year old, with her 3 siblings, to be babysat by her aunt and uncle. And her mom never came back. After that, it […]

Episode 23: The Girl with the Clean Socks

August 11, 2018