The Fostering Voices on The Forgotten Initiative podcast! What a beautiful honor we had being on the Forgotten Initiative Podcast with Jamie Kaeb! We hope you enjoy this podcast interview (which is also on YouTube!) where we get to be the guests! The Forgotten Initiative is such an incredible organization that exists to shine light […]

Fostering Voices on The Forgotten Initiative


Show Summary: A wonderful and deep conversation with Rita Soronen, President & CEO of the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. Chapters: 0:00 – Welcome, Rita!! 1:24 – Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption(Yes, *that* Dave Thomas!) 3:34 – Raising Awareness for Foster Care and Adoption 5:53 – Wendy’s Wonderful Kids 13:44 – The Birthright of Every […]

Fostering Voices Podcast Episode 117


Trauma is something that is common to all humans. But trauma and abuse are not a part of everyone’s story, but it is for this week’s guest. Monica was put into foster care as a baby, and was soon adopted by an abusive family. She was actually put back into foster care a few years […]

trauma and abuse

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