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This week’s episode features an interview with our son, Topher! He is 12 years old, and direct and brief with his answers! Which is why you get to enjoy a nice, short episode this week! In this episode we talked about: Baking! We made bagels from scratch and they were great! You can check out […]

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Hey friends! Welcome back for another episode of the Fostering Voices podcast. This week we were late putting up this episode as we normally put them out on Saturday mornings before 9am. BUT, we did a keynote presentation at the Foster Arizona annual Gala, and that was on Saturday night, so we chose to release […]

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Season 4 is here, full of foster care resources, and we are so excited to bring you 20 brand new episodes!  This week we talk about what our insane summer looked like, as we took 8 weeks off of the podcast, and foster care!  Go to a marriage retreat! It started with a marriage retreat […]

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