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Welcome back to our podcast, friends! We took a few weeks off, and are so excited to be back with you all.  Over the last few weeks, we have: Gone to San Diego for 48 hours (we live 6 hours away via car) and jammed 13 people into a 3 bedroom Air BnB. Gone golfing […]

Golfing foster parents to keep sanity


This is one of our shortest episodes – clocking in at just under 20 minutes! We wanted to do a nice light episode where our listeners could get to know us a bit better, without having to hear us retell our life stories. Which come up here and there over the last 95 episodes. So, […]

highs and lows of foster care


This week’s episode features an interview with our son, Topher! He is 12 years old, and direct and brief with his answers! Which is why you get to enjoy a nice, short episode this week! In this episode we talked about: Baking! We made bagels from scratch and they were great! You can check out […]

foster sibling shares his experience podcast

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