catching up

July 25, 2011

last week we hung out at a resort in scottsdale, and i didn’t have free wi-fi, which is why i didn’t blog. sorry folks. but you really didn’t miss out on much!

jeehon turned 33 on sunday (the last time i wrote. i hate writing on the ipad so much that i couldn’t even throw out a ‘happy birthday!’ to my sister. happy birthday jeehon! you’re so old.)

chris learned to braid hair. just another skill to add to his already impressive resume.

james, my brother-in-law, was here. but now he’s gone. it was such a huge blessing having him here for the duration of sunha’s surgery. he got about 3 hours of a sleep a day for the 5 days that they were in the hospital, which allowed my sister to get more. and he was just great to have around. lily and topher love their imoboo. and they are also really fond of his ipad. too fond for my liking.

and finally, sunha showed us all how incredible she was all week! she was out of the hospital on saturday afternoon, and she was greeted by her brother and cousins who were very very concerned about the big ‘owwie’. i didn’t think she was going to be able to handle all the noise and craziness that comes with being around sungu, lily, and topher, but she seemed to really enjoy them! weird!
the best thing about the 3 kids is that even though they noticed that sunha looked different, no one verbalized it. sunha was still a bit swollen on saturday, and her head looks crazy with the staples in it. but none of the kids said anything. i was really proud of all of them, especially since the words ‘gross’ and ‘weird’ are in their volcabularies.
sunha was out and about on thursday, and she did great. she wore a hat to cover the staples and didn’t try to take it off even once. we walked around barnes and noble, hung out at a splash pad, and even had lunch at the cheesecake factory. a great outting for all!

sunha is getting her staples out tomorrow, which is great for everyone. seeing her recover, and her body and skin recover from everything it went through two weeks ago makes me more and more astounded at the crazy, creative, and detail-oriented God that we serve.

thanks again for checking in with us so much during surgery and recovery. it’s so great to know we are so loved and supported!



  1. Brantonians says:

    I don't know which amazed me more…the fact that Chris can braid or how fascinatingly quickly Sunha is healing!

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