life lately

August 15, 2013

besides school- here is what’s going on with the kids:

the other day we were finishing up with dinner. lily finished first so she started to clear the table. she was like a hard working little waitress. it was so beautiful to witness! she would ask if someone was done with their plate, take it to the trash, throw anything out that needed to be thrown out, and then she would put the dish in the sink. if I had some money I would have tipped her! that girl is so ready to get a job.

topher: “noona! I am using the force to choke you!”
me: “topher, do not use the force on your sister.”

topher: “it would be so cool if our house was made out of gum balls! it would be slippery and sticky. it would be awesome! I should pray about it: ‘dear Lord Jesus (that’s how he starts all of his prayers. so sweet), can you please make our house be made out of gum balls? amen.”
so spiritual for a five year old! (and crazy, for wanting to choke his sister and all..)

pretty much everything she does is hilarious. or extremely dangerous.
she is talking so much more and has the cutest little voice. she loves to show off for her daddy and after I do lily’s hair for school, mia comes over and says “my turn!” and I put her 17 hairs into a tiny little elastic and make a ‘pony tail’.

see? 17 hairs= happy hair pony tail

getting ready for school and hiding in the rose garden

topher fishing for his breakfast

topher the farmer

loving hanging out at nana and papa’s new place

I love these monkey children of mine



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