busy as a bee

July 5, 2012

happy fourth of july to all my american readers, and happy belated canada day to my canadian readers!

we have been crazy busy the last week or so. it’s july- party month. from the 1st to the 10th of july, we have 5 birthday parties that we have gone to/are going to. and that’s just the first ten days of july! there are more coming after that too!

fortunately i am only slotted to make cakes for 2.5 of the birthdays this month. which is good, cause i tried to time myself to see how long it takes me to make cakes and cookies for a party, and i banked over 8 hours! but it’s not so bad since i discovered that baking ahead of time and freezing cakes not only save time, but are a necessary step, especially if you need to carve the cakes. which i did.

so i made a cake for my sweet friend Jenny, whose sweet and adorable daughter turned one yesterday, but had her party on sunday. the party was so lovely, even though it was a million degrees out. but fortunately there was a pool and chick-fil-a sweet tea involved, so i am not complaining!
anyway, jenny told me a lot of months ago that she was having a bumble bee themed birthday party for bree, and i told her that i would love to make a cake for her. and then i was out and about and found a bumble bee and bee hive cookie cutters, so i also made cookies to boot.

the cakes were duncan hines, but the cookies, chocolate buttercream frosting, and the marshmallow fondant were all homemade! i even decorated the cookies with the marshmallow fondant which made life a lot easier since my hand goes kinda stiff when i have to pipe too much. i haven’t gotten a real review about the cookies (lily and topher loved them, shocking, i know) so we will have to see if that is something i will actually do again. the cake was three layers, and the smash cake sat on top with a little fondant bumble bee. something i probably won’t do again is make the smash cake with fondant- cause it’s just too hard for a 1 year old to smash. but i used the fondant for bree’s smash cake cause i didn’t think the shape would hold properly if i iced the bee hive- due to the ridiculously hot weather we’ve been having.

anyhoo, eveything turned out pretty good over all, and jenny is such a great photographer that even if things didn’t turn out great on my end- she made everything look great in her pictures 😉 great job jenny! and happy 1st birthday sweet little bree! i love you you cute little chubby girl!!!!!


busy as a bee


  1. Jenny Bishop says:

    Thank you SOOOOO much for making Bree's cake and cookies!! You are amazing!! I totally owe you for making you spend 8 hours of your time on them! But they were SUPER DELICIOUS and so adorable!! They made Bree's party perfect!! Thanks again friend for all your work!!

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