bookkeeper no more

May 5, 2011

so, i am blogging as present-day jihae for today. i am so glad i had all those old pregnancy posts saved up! i have not been in a writing mood lately. this kid in my belly is driving me crazy! last week really sucked, this week, week 11, is not looking much better. oh well. such is the life of a pregnant person. i am lucky to be feeling sick and carrying a healthy growing little human being. thanks Jesus. i will TRY to quit whining so much.

anyhoo, today was a momentous day, so i thought i would blog about it so i can remember it in 20 years from now. i have been a bookkeeper (how i wish there was a double ‘p’ in the word!) for the last five years and though i have not been a fan of the work, i have been a BIG fan of the place where i worked. as many of you know, i worked for chris’ dad who is an accountant. chris’ uncle also is an accountant, and also works there. as does chris’ sister, bre. and a great family friend, jennifer, who has been at Watson & Watson CPA for over 20 years. craziness.

my bookkeeping job has been the longest i have ever stayed at a job, even though i managed to have two kids in between it all. and not only had two kids, but had them in the middle of tax season! i think i took a week off with lily, and then started to bring her into the office with me (much to the serious delight of grandpa wes and the other office members). and i believe topher was born on a thursday and i think i may have gone to work on monday. those tax returns were not going to assemble themselves! (though someone would have assembled them. but i just felt like that someone should be me and my new infants.)

this is kind of a side note, but did i ever tell you about the time i lactated through my shirt at work? i even had topher at work with me i think. or maybe it was lily. i was DEFINITELY wearing a light blue tommy hilfiger polo shirt. i remember this because of how BRIGHT and NOTICEABLE my milk rings were when i looked down at my shirt. i must have just been working and working and working, and then i brought some papers into chris’ dad’s office, and then i sat down, took a breath, looked down at two very large circles of wetness on the front of my shirt, and i died in my chair. of serious embarrassment. no one said anything. chris’ dad loves a good joke, but he was so good about not saying a thing! thanks wes! i left very very soon after. and i maybe never wore that shirt again.

so today was pretty anti-climactic. i went in to finish one last thing and answer any questions my replacement had for me. superlow-key. but an hour into my work day i hear too much noise to be a client or even a herd of elephants, and soon i am greeted by my kids and hubby with flowers, balloons, cake and a card. sperlow-key no more! there is a very very strong possiblity that i have the most thoughful husband in the world. his card was the sweetest as he just wanted to tell me how much he was looking forward to our new family-funtime-mondays. i love him! and he got me a pot of gerbera daisies (my fave) and a mint chocolate cake- since i (usually) love mint chocolate (the child inside is not a fan of sweets! it wants me to have NO FUN!)

thanks chris for being the best and most thoughtful husband a girl could ask for. and thanks to the wonderful staff at Watson and Watson CPA for having made my last 5’professional’ years really really special ones. goodbye bookkeeping, hello getting ready to be a mom of three kids (omg… what am i doing??…)

here are some pics of lily working it at the office when she was a tiny little munchkin. she was a great secretary, bookkeeper, and box-inhabitor. i feel like a terrible mom for not being able to find any pics of toph at the office with me, but i am just thinking i didn’t bring him nearly as often as i brought the lilster.



bookkeeper no more


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