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This episode features an incredible interview with Ben Malcolmson, author of Walk On: From Pee Wee Dropout to NFL Sidelines: My Unlikely Story of Football, Purpose, and Following an Amazing God. Ben has seen some major lows in his life, starting with having an alcoholic mom, and being thrust into college life a year early. […]

Ben Malcolmson, on Fostering Voices Podcast

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This week we want you to remember to talk to your kids. This episode is less than 5 minutes long! In light of the horrifying events with the Uvalde shooting, we just want to encourage you to talk to your kids about it. Because they have heard about it. But they should hear about it […]

finding joy in life

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It seems clear as to why you shouldn’t follow all TikTok trends, but we still made this episode for those who need a reminder. This episode is for parents of teens and teens! We would LOVE for teenagers to listen to this episode, but it wasn’t until midway through the recording that Jihae realized she […]

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