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Trauma is something that is common to all humans. But trauma and abuse are not a part of everyone’s story, but it is for this week’s guest. Monica was put into foster care as a baby, and was soon adopted by an abusive family. She was actually put back into foster care a few years […]

trauma and abuse

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Foster care according to our 8 year old bio daughter, who has been a foster sibling for over 6 years, and our 10 year old daughter who we adopted out of foster care. This week’s interview is sweet and short, but still has lots of great nuggets to encourage you and your family on your […]

foster care according to 10 and 8 year olds

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We all need empathy for foster kids in order to have a positive impact on these sweet kids in care. It’s easy to forget why we are fostering, or why it’s important to be involved in foster care. And this week, I (Jihae) became a licensed foster care trainer. Which means I will start teaching […]