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Summary: Life can be tough sometimes, but for a young adult aging out of foster care the transition can be life altering and either set them up for success or leave them without a connection or direction. Join us as we have a conversation with Zack, a young adult with lived experience, and how connection […]

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Summary: Community is what gets us through life. In today’s conversation we talk with Anika Robinson about finding your people and the importance of community and connection in our everyday lives. Chapters:  0:00 – Intro 0:26 – Welcome Anika! 1:44 – Advocacy for Children 3:10 – Establishing Connections 8:38 – ASA Now 14:04 – Finding […]

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Episode 152 – Interracial Adoption and Finding Your Identity Summary: A personal look into an adoptees story involving interracial adoption and her journey to discover her personal identity along the way. Chapters:  0:00 – Intro 0:52 – Welcome Ann! 1:32 – Ann’s Work and Focus 12:00 – A Position of Learning 16:44 – Ann’s Journey […]