Lily is 3. THREE. Dang!

March 19, 2010

three years ago, at this very moment, i was laying in a hospital bed, playing cribbage with chris and robert, peeing through a catheter, and waiting for lily to arrive.
seven hours later, i would meet my little/huge daughter. that day she went through the birth canal, entered the world, met her mom, dad, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and most of my awesome friends. that day she also learned how to eat using her mouth, and how to pee and poo in a diaper. a big day for everyone.

two years ago, around this time, i was still really pregnant, hoping topher would not arrive early, because we were having a big 1st birthday celebration for lily. she was just mastering her walk, learning to eat ‘real people’ food, and figuring out how to wind daddy even tighter around her little finger.

this day, last year, we had a fun little birthday party for our little lady at mc donalds. she was not saying much, but thinking plenty.her favorite past-times included crying, playing, running, watching the backyardigans, and hanging out with her cousin sungu, and brother topher.

today is lily’s third birthday and i cannot believe she is already three. it’s craziness. sheer and utter craziness. this morning we went to mc donald’s with chris. we played on the slide, ate some ‘eggs’ (are those really eggs?) with ‘fancy ketchup’ (that’s what the package says), and had a gay old time as a family. then chris went to work and the kids and i proceeded to chandler mall (again!) to ride the train and play in the play area. more fun ensued. now are home, topher is napping, lily is reading this post behind me, trying to correct my grammar as i go along.

we have had our ups over the last three years, and we have had our downs. we have taken turns acting like giant, stubborn, unreasonable, and selfish babies. i probably had my turn for longer than i should have. maybe as the mom, i wasn’t ever supposed to have a turn actually… but in the midst of lily’s growth over the last three years, one of her finest qualities that has really shone through has been her deep love for her family, especially topher. this love dislpays itself through many hugs and kisses, through the words: “i love you”, through emapthy when someone else is in pain, through making sure everyone stays quiet while topher naps (even though she should also be napping!), and especially through her forgiveness- not keeping any record of wrongs, especially all of mine.

anyway, i just wanted to wish my precious little lily a super happy birthday, because you make me verry happy.



Lily is 3. THREE. Dang!


  1. Christin says:

    Happy Birthday sweet Lily! I can't believe it. Three years old!! We love you and have enjoyed you being the first baby born of "the group".

  2. Brantonians says:

    I remember waiting anxiously in the hospital for my turn to hold you, Lily. We were all so excited to meet you. You are are growing up so fast, and I can't wait for Brielle to realize that you are her role model!

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