Blind Leading the Blind…

January 15, 2009

We have just started letting Topher try to feed himself.
This only happens:
1. after he has already eaten most of his food with mom or dad or imo’s help.
2. at dinner time.
3. when he is about to get thrown into the bathtub

Here’s how he is doing:

-Holding the wrong end of the spoon, with the food-filled-side of the bowl facing outwards. So far, not so-good

“What mom? dump the food onto my tray? ok!”
The mess begins…

-Still holding the spoon the wrong way, but at least he still has it.
“Hey mom, is the spoon supposed to go into my mouth, or the bowl? The bowl? Ok. This isn’t that hard.”

“Mom! Look! The spoon is in my mouth! The right way! But I’m still hungry. I managed to get food on my eyebrows, my shirt, my pants, in my diaper, on the tray, and on the floor, but there wasn’t any left to go into my belly. can you teach me to lick my face? That might be easier. Mom? Mom. Please stop crying…”

Anyway, it’s not the easiest thing in the world- the whole spoon-in-hand-to-mouth coordination. But it’s even harder when this is the example set before you :

“What-ever! Bowls and spoons are for losers!”

“Hey, did you just ask me to clean this up? I didn’t make this mess…”



Blind Leading the Blind…


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