September 26, 2008

Tuesday night was not the best night. Topher woke up every two hours again. And Lily joined in on the fun at 4:30 am. Awesome. Then the next night God knew that I would surely not make it if I didn’t get more sleep, so Topher woke up at 3am, ate, went back to sleep, then woke up at 7:30. Lily didn’t wake up until 6:58am, which used to be very early for her (and me), but now I suddenly consider that ‘sleeping in’.

Then last night Topher woke up at 3:30am, ate and slept. Then Lily woke up at 3:50am screaming. It’d be one thing if she were just waking up in the early morning crying. I would just let her cry it out and fall back asleep. But this is no I’m-sad-and-kinda-lonly-do-you-want-to-cuddle-with-me crying. This is I’m-seriously-vexed- something- is-terribly-wrong crying. So I got up and picked my poor baby up.

I walked around her room with her. Then we went into the playroom where there’s a couch. So we sat on the couch for awhile. We were both in and out of sleep, unfortunately we were both out more than in. Then I changed her diaper and went back into her room. There we laid on the floor and did the on again off again sleeping thing. Lily was all over the place! She would find a position she liked, would fall asleep for a few moments, then wake up, talk and play, move and fall asleep again. I too was trying to find a position that was good for me without waking my little monkey girl up.

In the midst of this sleepy tango, I woke up to find Lily sleeping on my head. If you can imagine this, her body was a tent and my head was the not-so-happy camper inside. But as tiring and ridiculous as it all was, I have to admit it is still making me laugh to remember waking up with Lily’s belly on the side of my head. These are the best of times and the most tiring of times…



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