Best Wedding Ever

June 10, 2009

As promised, I am here to tell you about the best wedding I have ever been to. Or maybe just one of the most memorable. Definitely VERY entertaining.

Our lovely friend Braden got married to the girl of his dreams, Emily, this last Saturday. There have been many a rumours about Braden being gay because 1. he’s pretty good looking (everyone tries to bring down good looking folk by making up rumours. People said Brad Pitt was gay and look, he now has ten thousand kids!) 2. he’s really big into personal hygiene and style (ok… I guess not a lot of guys are into that kind of thing) 3. by Arizona standards, it took him a REALLY long time to get married. (about the same age as Chris- 26. But there were no gay-Chris rumours. Probably because of point #2….)

Anyhoo, Chris, Barb and I got into Barb’s amazing little Prius (I think we spent $30 on gas for the whole trip!) and drove on down to San Diego. I was really looking forward to this day of adventure because I would be stuck with two of my favorite people in the world. The conversation was a rolling- we didn’t turn on the radio at any point of the trip! And our babies were with Chris’ dad and step-mom and step-sister. They went to the zoo and had a blast. So great. Chris’ dad dropped the babies off at our house around 7:30pm where Jeehon was ready to watch them sleep, so there wasn’t any middle of the night picking up of children. It was kind of an amazing plan executed by very helpful and amazing people.

We left the East Valley at about 8am, filled with Starbucks. We got into San Diego at about 2pm. The wedding didn’t start until 4pm, so we were able to sit around with Lindsay, who had been there since the day before because Robert was in the wedding party. We got to the church, which really didn’t seem to be in the ghetto part of San Diego, and sat down nicely in our pew, not knowing what was about to happen…

The wedding started. Everything was lovely. Braden had tears of joy. Not surprising (I guess that might be supporting point #4…) Then Emily started reading her vows that she had written, and that’s when the fun started. Apparently some hooligan was being chased by the police, and he decided to run into the church we were in. He ran up to the balcony and hid between some pews. The police followed him into the church with their guns drawn. Apparently the videographer who was also on the balcony had laser sights on his chest. Scary. Everyone in the church was told to get down, so we bent down onto the floor. I felt like I was in a very safe place- I was in Jesus’ house, next to my strong husband, and very protective mother-in-law.

Chris was watching everything happen and was playing tons of different scenarios in his head. If the perp were to run down the center of the church, Chris was in perfect position to tackle the guy. The only thing that irked my poor husband was that 99% of the time that he is awake, he is packing heat. BUT because he had the wrong holster for a wedding (belt as opposed to a concealed ankle one) his gun was in the car, along with a suit jacket that I had packed for him, which would have allowed him to have his gun on him. Maybe next time he will just wear what I pick out for him without complaint. Maybe.

The police apprehended their suspect and the wedding proceeded. Unfortunately for the bride and groom, instead of everyone talking about how lovely they BOTH looked, we all just talked about the insanity of what we had just witnessed. But for the record, the bride and groom did look incredible, the wedding and the reception were very lovely, and we had a great, great day. The speeches were all hilarious where the sister of the bride complimented her new brother-in-law about being good-looking, and the best man confessed that he had started a rumour in high school that Braden was gay (now we know where and when those rumours started!)

Congrats to Braden and Emily, may your lives together be filled with a lot less excitement than your wedding day. Or at least a lot less criminals.



Best Wedding Ever


  1. Oh my gosh that is CRAZY!!! I'd love to see what the videographer comes up with for the final cut! 🙂

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