Bed Time.

January 29, 2009

We just moved Lily into a big girl bed and it is going GREAT! I was absolutely terrified of doing it, mostly because Sungu just moved out of his crib a week before, and things weren’t going so great. When I say Sungu ‘moved’ out of his crib, what I mean is that he JUMPED out of his crib. Twice. Because he is an absolutely crazy sleeper, Jeehon has him sleeping on these two huge mats on the floor. There are still times when you go in to check on him that half of his body is on the mat and the other half is not. Being on the floor just seemed like a smart and safe move.

The main issue with Sungu was that he didn’t take you seriously when you told him to go to bed, and stay in bed. Or at least he didn’t take Jeehon or me seriously. Everyone takes Chris seriously (people under 4 feet tall that is) so when Chris puts Sungu down, the boy stays down.

So it was with Lily. For the first two or three times. I would put her in her cute bed that Barb painted (so awesome) and two minutes later she would be at the door wanting to come out. A good spanking, and some serious tiredness fixed her of that bad habit in no time at all. EVen if she gets out of her bed, she doesn’t leave her room, which is the main concern for me. I can hear her in her room, looking through her books, dropping her books, and eventually getting back into bed where she falls asleep so beautifully.

My advice for parents getting ready to move their monkeys into beds would be:
1. Have a stiff drink before starting the ordeal. Just joking. Be armed with patience for sure.
this could take any where from a few minutes to a few days and nights.
2. Be stern so they know you are serious about bed time being bed time. Chris Watson is willing
to give lessons for a small fee.
3.Get a rail of sorts for the bed. Lily’s bed is up against the wall, and it has a foot board and head board. We didn’t have the rail the first night she slept in bed, and wouldn’t you know it, she fell out of bed in the morning. Fortunately it was about 7am, so it was an o.k time to fall out of bed, if even there was a good time to do such a thing. Her fall was broken by her crib mattress that was strategically placed beside her bed, but wouldn’t you know it- her body landed on the mattress but her face hit carpet. At least it was carpet.

Now Lily is officially a big girl, or close to it. Next month we shall embark on the magical journey that is Potty Training… Stay tuned!



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