Bath Time

September 16, 2008

I just had a pretty rough evening with the kids. I had very little patience left for anything or anyone, and of course both of my babies needed A LOT of attention from me. Simultaneously. And because I have been doing double-time breastfeeding this last week and a bit, I have been ravenously hungry. Patience and hunger are much like oil and water…

I didn’t want to give Lily a bath after dinner. My plan was to feed her, give her some milk, change her into her jammies, and send her off to bed then get topher fed and in bed so that I could eat some real food! But of course Lily got most of her dinner in her hair, and meat in hair is never a good thing. So now I had to give her a bath. So I set Topher up in front of the tv so that I could give the Lilster a quick bath and get her to bed. Topher cried the whole time Lily bathed, which made for a short bath, which is unfortunate cause Lily sure loves being in the tub. I almost literally threw her down and ran to get Topher. I imagined that I would find him in some horribly awkward and uncomfortable position which would explain the tears and screams, but alas he was jsut fine. Just needing some lovin.

So I stomped upstairs with baby in arms, ready to pass out from hunger. We walked by Lily’s room and I could hear that she was still crying. Nothing I could do about that. I turned on the bath water, undressed the Toph, and put him in front of the mirror. Boy does my boy love seeing himself in the old looking glass. It brings an automatic smile to both our faces. I put him in the tub and proceeded to wash him and my bad feelings away. How can you be mad while washing a cute, chubby baby in the tub? You can’t. It’s impossible. Then I wrapped him in his towel and admired my baby wrapped up in his towel. How can you resist a baby that smells like Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo, wrapped up in a towel? You can’t. It’s impossible. And then I put my little Tophy in his pjs and smiled at my son, wondering how I could be mad at such a cute little kid. It is impossible to resist a cute, clean baby in his pjs. I dare you to try.

So now I know why they tell you to have a bedtime routine that includes taking a bath. Sure the kids need to be cleaned up after a hard day of playing and such. But the parents need it more just so they can fall in love with their kids again. Especially before having to go down to the kitchen to clean up the insane mess from the day.

And I would just like to add that I really miss my sister and Sungu, and Chris when he works at night. And I realize that I was alone for one difficult evening, but single parents do this all the time. So my hat goes off to those amazing men and women.



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