baseball firsts

September 3, 2011

eons ago, when lily was an only child (for a brief 373 days), she went to two diamondbacks game. the first one was with me, her uncle robert, and our lovely friends mike and cindy. then we went to a playoff game as a family- just chris, lily, and me (with topher baking in my oven).

here are the pictures i dug up of those two momentous games:

then, three years later, we finally took topher to his first baseball game. what kind of terrible parents are we that we haven’t taken our son to a baseball game but we took our daughter to two in her first 6 months on earth??? i repent.

anyway, tuesday august 30th was the big night. and topher was not that thrilled. probably because it was baseball, and baseball is not that exciting. but what was exciting was ‘the sandlot’, an area for kids to play on slides, or to play wiffle ball, and basically not watch the game. another major highlight was seeing the giant-headed baseball players. i can’t describe them any other way. but there is a picture below. i am so glad the Diamondbacks were running a promo where they were selling seats for just $5. i am all about my kids experiencing new things, especially if it can happen for the same price as a starbucks drink.



baseball firsts


  1. Brantonians says:

    Is that a giant balloon of Chris' head? What a special day for him! I love how out-and-aboutsy your family is. Way to go!

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