baek il

February 18, 2012

can you believe that 101 days ago, we did not know this little lady cause she was still confined to the womb?!?!?!

i am convinced that i have written about a baek il before, probably topher’s, but i just checked my old posts and couldn’t find one… i am losing my mind.

anyhoo, today was mia’s baek il (100 days). korean people celebrate this day in a big way, because back in the day, a lot of babies didn’t make it to their 100th day, so the ones that did celebrated still being alive and well. today korean families celebrate the day with a big party with lots of food, rice cakes and presents and stuff. i am fully korean, but my kids are only half, so we celebrated this day as in i recognized that it existed, and that’s about it. i thought about making a cake, but what would be the point of that? mia couldn’t eat it, and it’s her special day, so if she can’t have cake- no one can! i’m sure she would have loved some cake though, what with her diet consisting of kimchi-and-coffee-flavored breastmilk. she will get her cake though, in 265 more days…

it was funny looking at my old posts cause i used to only write and rarely ever post pictures. now i rarely ever write and usually only post pictures. how things change!

anyway, it’s been a very blissful and wonderful 100 days. mia is so sweet and happy and delightful and adorable. she is wanting very badly to roll over, but she has too much junk in the trunk and can’t get that to flip over. in due time.

here are some more pics from today:

happy 100 days mia! i love you so much my chubby little monkey child. hopefully at some point over the next hundred days you can learn to sleep through the night!… 😉



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