bad superbowl sunday

February 8, 2011

yesterday was a terrible for me. and for toph. and everyone on the pittsburg steelers. the first two things are not related to the third thing, but they are absolutely related to each other.

maybe that’s not entirely true. i woke up with pink eye. yeah. you were right jenny- this house is a hotbed for conjunctivitis! so i spent all morning washing every single blanket, sheet, and pillow case in the house. that’s a lot of blankets, especially considering the fact that the kids each have three blankies. i disinfected surfaces. i cleaned and cleaned. it was not fun. and then topher happened.

i don’t exactly know why or how. but he had a tantrum of epic proportions. he cried. he screamed. he pouted. he got spankings. he cried more. he wanted to eat lunch. he didn’t want to eat lunch. he wanted ice cream. and chocolate. he screamed when denied. and then he peed. on the floor. on a book. and on two blankets. oh. more laundry. disaster.

he finally calmed down enough to eat his lunch. then he wanted dessert. ice cream. and chocolate. i remained firm and said no. his behavior today warranted no treats. possibly for the rest of his life. so he cried again. and screamed. i was resolute. but i did shed some tears of frustration as well. oh this strong-willed child! over an hour had passed.

i finally lured the crazy child to bed with the promise of a family nap. he really needed a nap. at this point i was feeling as cranky and exhausted as he was. so we slept. oh sweet glorious sleep! and when we woke up- we were new people! and chris had just gotten home from work. so wonderful.

it was like a new day had emerged like a phoenix out of the ashes. we had a mini-superbowl party. chris was a champ and decided to stay with me and my pinkeye instead of giong to his dad’s house, even though there were actual football fans there, and much much better food. we had a great evening. it was quiet. it was lovely. and ice cream was eventually consumed.

one of my favorite things to do is to watch topher eat. he is a mouth-breather. he breaths. out of his mouth. very very audibly. it’s pretty hilarious, though sue sylvester uses ‘mouth-breather’ as an insult on ‘glee’. here’s a short video of topher breathing and eating his ice cream. even though we had a terrible beginning and middle of the day, it all ended well. very well. and it’s all about how you end.



bad superbowl sunday


  1. Oh my goodness that video is hilarious!! I've never noticed his mouth breathing before but I think it's pretty cute! And I LOVE how he whispers "chocolate." Oh your kids are precious! Glad you guys ended on a high note! 🙂 And sorry you got pink eye! 🙁

  2. Brantonians says:

    I love you, Toph. Brielle is excitedly clapping for you and your chocolate right now!

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