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September 21, 2011

it’s been a seriously long time since i have had a cupcake post. i made some cupcakes in june for robert’s and for sungu’s birthday, but i never really bothered writing about them cause they weren’t stunning (sorry boys. there was lots of love in them, but they just weren’t that pretty.) i don’t even have any pictures of the cupcakes that i made for robert that had a ‘words with friends’ theme to them, cause quite frankly my brother is addicted to that game. here are two pics i found from sungu’s birthday party. yeah for decorating for a four year old- they don’t really care what the cupcake looks like, they just care that they are eating a cupcake! sungu did request batman cupcakes, and that’s what he got:

so, since june, i have done no real baking and therefore no decorating. until we celebrated grandma’s birthday this weekend. grandma said she liked chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting. easy! it took a while to figure out how to make chocolate frosting special, but then i remembered seeing people make cupcake bouquets, so i decided to look that up. it was pretty easy! i didn’t have the necessary supplies to make the bouquets (flower pot, styrofoam ball, etc) but i will make one of those one day! but i did have the right tip to frost the cupcakes the way that i wanted to, and i also had pretty qhite pearl-like sprinkles which helped to add a little more pizzazz to my chocolatey treats. i was really happy with the way they turned out, and this was probably the fastest and easiest cupcake-decoarating endeavor i have ever undertaken. maybe i will add a video or step by step pics on how to do this cause it was really that easy. someone just needs to have a birthday and needs to request that i make flower cupcakes for them…

here are my kids helping me/helping themselves to a lot of sprinkles:

and these are the cupcakes i made for grandma’s 80th birthday.


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  1. They look amazing Jihae! Way to go! You have come so far in the past 8 years…

  2. Christin says:

    Jihae! Your grandma's cupcakes look like they are straight from a bakery!

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