Au Revoir Ma Soeur

March 5, 2010

sometimes when i feel sad, or full of thought- i feel french.
today i am thinking about my crazy sister who is 14 hours away (by plane). we said our ‘good byes’ exactly a week ago today in vegas.
i didn’t think i would be sad about our seperation. i mean, we had spent 15 months living with each other slash pissing each other off, in a loving way that only sisters can live with each other slash piss each other off. then she was 3 hours away, but we still managed to see a lot of each other. but now she’s gone, and i am left here feeling kinda… triste. (sad in french. stay with me here folks)
my whole life, i have been with my sister. either sharing a bed, or a room, or both. she is three school years ahead of me, though only 30 months older than me (i got my reproducing-like-a-rabbit gene from my mother. my brother is 15 months apart from my sister and me.) we lived together until she left for japan after she finished university. that was kind of a sad moment in our relationship. we thought it would be the end of our time together forever. si stupide! so stupid!
i went to visit jeehon for about a month in japan. that was pure awesomeness. then she moved to korea and that’s where she stayed for a few years. unbeknownst to us, our paths would cross again about two years later when i graduated from university, and we ended up living together in a small apartment, sharing rooms, in seoul.
then jeehon got engaged and was getting ready to move to texas. we were sad because we were sure that this would truly be the end of our time together. she was getting married, was moving back to the states, and i was staying i korea, hanging out, waiting for my crazy boyfriend to figure out what lay ahead for us.
jeehon and i said our good byes in toronto after her wedding, though we saw each other again in texas once, and then at my wedding the following year.
and then jeehon moved in with chris and i about two weeks after my wedding. and she stayed with us for 10 months while james was in basic training for the army. then we kinda said our goodbyes as jeehon prepared to move back to korea, with james, and the army. but by now, teary goodbyes had lost their lustre.
‘see ya later’ became our new mantra. or, ‘a la prochaine’, which is much more accurate, which means- till the next time. and as you know, the next time came a year and a half after she had left, when james got deployed to iraq.
so now my sister is in korea again, expecting to have a baby soon, again. and they are supposed to be in korea for a few years. we are hoping to go out there once, and hopefully we will see them again at another family reunion (though hopefully not in vegas). but for some reason, our good bye felt different for me this time. kinda like the days of yore when we really didn’t know what the future held and were pretty sure ‘this’ was going to be the last time we would live together again.
maybe it’s my pms that’s making me mopey. maybe it was the talk from my parents that i need to keep up with my french that is making me think ‘en francais’. i am just hoping that one day, my sister and i will be able to live together on the same continent, in the same CITY, without having to live in the same house. je reve… i dream…

here’s jeehon and my mom, all fancied up to watch a cirque du soleil show in vegas

the ham women!

jeehon’s final farewell to her niece and nephew. it was pretty sad, especially since my kids were completely asleep for the whole thing.



Au Revoir Ma Soeur


  1. Lainey says:

    You're so cute. We can add un peu le francais to Friday nights if you want to 🙂

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