April Fools

April 1, 2009

Today is April Fools day, one of my husband’s favorite days of the year. It’s 2:06pm, and he has yet to pull anything- at least on me. He is busy at work, and I am hoping he doesn’t even realize what day it is.

This is a quick post about the funniest/most ridiculous prank he has pulled on this special day. It was two years ago. Lily was two weeks old. Actually, a few days shy of being two weeks old. A whole bunch of our friends came over. I really can’t remember why. Maybe to watch March Madness? It was a Saturday, I think. Anyhoo, we were all sitting around, piled up in our living room, watching tv, eating, and enjoying having a new baby in the group.

Chris leaned over to me as he was holding the baby, who was fast asleep. (Oh how I miss those days!) And he told me he had the best April Fools prank, and that I just had to trust him that Lily would be safe. Yikes.

So he proceeded to leave the room, with baby in tow, climbing over a few of our friends who were sitting on the floor. Chris was gone for about two minutes and came back with something swaddled in the same blanket that Lily had been swaddled up in. As Chris ‘tried’ to climb back over our friends who were sitting on the floor, Chris pretended to trip on our friend’s knee and fell to the floor as dramatically as he could whilst ‘dropping slash throwing’ the swaddled ‘baby’ out of his arms. Time seriously stood still as Chris and I looked around the room at the different looks of horror, shock, fear, etc on our friends faces. I am pretty sure a few of them were about to cry. In my opinion that means Chris took the joke too far. In Chris’ mind, that means he did a great job. As Chris scrambled to the swaddled up ‘baby’ on the floor, he pulled out a stuffed piggy, and yelled out ‘April Fools!’

Fortunately for us, our friends have AMAZING senses of humour, (otherwise they would not be able to be our friends) even though it does usually take them a little while to catch their breaths after a Chris-Watson-Special.

So, tonight is the first time we are hanging out with people again on April Fools. Hopefully Chris will behave himself. But chances are he won’t. The hostess has informed me that she and her husband are going to try to get Chris back. Maybe the joke will be that they invited us over or dinner, but really they aren’t going to feed us at all… It’s ok though. We (read: Chris) deserves that.

(PS. Lily was laying safely in her crib, while her poor little piggy was being thrashed around in the living room. Again- no need to call CPS, no children or live animals were harmed in the making of this amazing prank.)



  1. gretchen says:

    that is baaaaad. (but I’m laughing anyway)

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