Apartment Living- The Not-So Good…

October 13, 2009

My main problems with the apartment are mostly found with the appliances. I know I need to call the apartment people and I am sure they will fix our problems, but let me just blog about them before they are no longer issues!

First of all, our dryer has a weird thing where it grabs onto minimally one unlucky item during the cycle and gets it stuck somewhere above the door. This has caused there to be a black burn/grease mark on one, sometimes two items every time I have used the dryer- and if you read my previous post- I have been a laundry doing fiend! It has only caused one hole, but of course it was my newest shirt that I bought pre-shopping fast.

Secondly, our gas oven is crazy. Mostly because Prometheus lives in there with the ball of fire that he stole from the gods. I suddenly cannot bake anything to save my life. I have to cover everything with foil, so that it doesn’t burn on the top, cause the ball of fire is actually more like a strip of fire on the top of the oven. But there is no heat coming from anywhere else in the oven, so getting things to cook and bake evenly is a joke. A not-funny joke. If you have a gas oven and have any helpful hints for me, I would really appreciate them! I cannot go a whole year with burnt yet uncooked cinnamon rolls, cakes, brownies, lasagnas, etc…

And I guess my last issue with the apartment is that we live on the first floor, so it’s hard to keep the windows open. One for privacy sake, but also for safety reasons too. Lily could easily crawl out of her window if we left it (and the flimsy screen) open. (Obviously we wouldn’t open the screen too, but you understand what I am trying to say, right?) And someone could also crawl in. All bad thoughts. Plus people are out talking and walking their dogs while the kids are sleeping, so it already sounds like there is a party in their rooms even with the windows closed. That’s a shame since it’s so nice and cool out and I would love to have the windows open! But I demanded that we have a first floor apartment because I could not imagine having to go up and down a flight of concrete stairs with Lily, Topher, and groceries. I guess living with stuffy quarters is easier to live with than a cracked skull or broken legs (which crazy Topher would surely have if we lived upstairs.)



Apartment Living- The Not-So Good…


  1. Brantonians says:

    Way to give a shout out to Prometheus! Love you, Jihae!

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