Apartment Living- The Good

October 13, 2009

We are now at week 3 of apartment life- and we are still loving it! Last night Chris commented on how I have been the laundry champ. Laundry was not my job at the other house, because Jeehon called it, which meant I was the dishes lady. It all worked out pretty great. Except when Jeehon would go on vacation for weeks on end. Then I would have to do the laundry. Boo. So I would pretty much procrastinate till Chris had no boxers, socks or undershirts. And this is pretty pathetic since Chris has a drawer full of undershirts- I think there’s almost twenty in there. But living at the small apartment has given me more time to do stuff- I do laundry more frequently, the dishes don’t pile up as high as they used to, and I even have more time to blog!

And even though it’s a lot smaller here (just a hair under 1200 sq ft), we had our first weekend guests here, and no one killed anyone else- success! Because of good ol’ Columbus Day, James had a 4-day weekend, so the Malloys came up on Thursday and left yesterday. They slept in Topher’s room where there is a queen size bed, and Topher’s crib, and still room enough on the floor for a mat for Sungu. Then Topher was supposed to sleep in a pack n play in our room, but the first night was a disaster and he woke us up at 3am and was excited to have roommates so he just wanted to play. We moved him into Lily’s room and that’s where he stayed. Lily has been crawling into bed with us still, so she is a pro at sleeping on our bed, so we kept her.

The weekend was filled with much eating, and hanging out, and going to the zoo, and even watching movies. It is so great to have live-in babysitters! Friday night James and Jeehon went on a date, and Sunday night Chris and I went out to watch ‘Couples Retreat’.

Here are some pics of our weekend together:

Here are the Malloys posing while we were on our walk/bike ride around the apartment complex.

Lily and Topher on thier bikes like big kids! Even if Topher is being ‘guided’ by his dad.

Topher guiding his own dang bike thank you very much!

Chilling on our patio. Eating frozen Gogurts.

Lily trying to feed the giraffe at the zoo, but wimping out at the last second. That is a gross looking tongue. Sungu fed his giraffe and so was not ashamed to pose for a picture afterwards. Not so for Lily.



Apartment Living- The Good


  1. I love that you have more time to blog because I love reading what you have to say! And I love the pics! Hope to see you soon!

  2. You've made comments about my kid's speaking abilities…and it's true, he's a pretty good talker. But he certainly can't peddle (sp?) a bike yet! Go Lily! In fact, his bike looks much like Topher's and I have to push him because he only knows how to go backwards. Oh, and I never commented on your cupcake post. You are awesome. Seriously. I was inspired!

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