And the Winner is…

May 10, 2008

We are all winners. So this is my final report on The Napping Wars.

I admitted defeat on Monday. Then on Tuesday I went to work for a few short hours, only to come home to a quiet house. Lily was napping. And it was only 11 am. What the?!?!? I left her with Chris, and he got her to go down after five minutes of crying. Then we went house shopping and Bre took her again (bless that girl’s heart!). We told her Lily didn’t have to nap since she slept for over an hour already, but wouldn’t you know it- Lily went down for another nap.

Wednesday, Thursday, and today were all filled with naps where Lily only cried for five, ten minutes max. So all I have to say to that is- Thank you Jesus. It took us quite a bit longer than a week. But that is ok. The important thing is that Lily can nap on her own! Which officially makes us both the winners of The Napping Wars. Thanks for tuning in folks. Now I have to find something else to write about…



And the Winner is…


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